Township App Reviews

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Very good game



Very Nice

current version killed the game

last update made it impossible to visit friends. until that is fixed, game is useless


Melhor jogo ever

Amazingly entertaining

This game is a gem, with plenty of details, interaction with other gamers and challenges. Just great






Top spiel



Cool game

Im really loving this game and play it every day


Nice !

Best game ever

It is the BEST game ever!!! I love this game and it is my favorite game. I played every day at this game. I recommend this game. The animals are very cute.

Cheater! Blocked for cheating with no evidence and they wont help me or restore my game

Fake liars


Such a fun game, love farming

Ive been playing Township for some time now and enjoy it immensely. My Township is expanded to it borders and Ive bought all the Township features Ive wanted. ❤️ ❤️ love Township and Im hoping that my Township will be allowed to expand and more features will be added. Love the special season, love the friends that help my Township fill my cargo requirements. Please keep expanding you game because Im sure we all will continue playing. GREAT GAME AND I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.


Love the game!!


Maybe Im looking in the wrong place, but just once Id like to download a game that doesnt eventually become impossible to play unless you continually shell out money for diamonds or whatever to speed things up. Id rather pay $50 for that game than have to pay $20 for completion, or be hampered by waiting days for something to complete construction only to find that I need to wait even more to get nails or glass to complete it. And then being bled dry for the next thing.


Very awesome game, so much to do and lots of creativity

Overall, great. Needs to fix green money bug

Five minutes ago, I was on Township. I looked at my green money. It said 18. Now, it says 15!!!! I DID NOT SPEND ANY. I am really angry. Please fix this right away. It has been happening to me for a couple weeks, and other members of my co-op say the same thing. FIX THIS SOON PLEASE!!!!

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